A Pretty Pixie Baby Bonnet DIY Photo Prop Tutorial

If you don’t know already, I am a professional photographer by trade. I run a small boutique type of portrait studio specializing in little babies and high school seniors! I see a lot of babies throughout the year and dressing them up in cute hats that I make is half the fun! Making photo props is actually how I got interested in sewing in the first place! I saw cute things on etsy and facebook and thought, HEY! I could do that! And I did. I started small but eventually realized that upcycling previously loved on sweaters was probably my most favorite thing. The only downfall of this?? I’ve become a borderline hoarder.  You don’t even want to see my craft room right now. It would be frightening.

I’ve always wanted to make a vintage like baby bonnet.. I tried this one out. I’m not sure about the pixie tip but I think it is really actually very cute. Here’s how I made this little gem.


1. Find your material. I was actually going to sell this really pretty creamy colored vintage sweater on EBAY but decided to cut it up instead last minute! I thought the pretty embroidery would look really nice on a little pixie baby!

2. Turn your sweater inside out. (i actually was so excited about this, I neglected that part and traced on the front side which i never recommend.)

3. Create your pattern. I used one of my owl hat patterns as the base. I laid that down on printer paper, and freehanded my pixie shape. If you notice, there are slight earflaps and a bit of a point at top. The Best way to make a pattern is to get out your tape measure, measure that baby head all the way around, divide that number by 2 and that is the width. Measure your babie’s head from the eyebrow up to the top of the head and that is the height! It has taken me a couple of years to perfect this! What a work out! OR you can go to a thrift store or your closet and trace an existing hat you have laying around!

4. Cut out your baby pattern, keeping in mind seam allowance. However you do it, either within the pattern or actually cutting, just remember not to forget seam allowance. Usually about 1/4 “.

5. Trace your pattern on the WRONG SIDE of the fabric, with the 2 layers on top of each other, just turn your sweater inside out and trace. If you notice I did not and I ended up having to use my sharpie and draw a bit wider on my fabric front because I wanted to make sure not to get any of the ink on my sweater front. 

6. Cut out your pattern pieces and not the front of the hat and the back. Keep them wrong sides facing and sew the pieces together down the top in the front. You could sew all the way, I just thought it was easier to put the trim on if you just sewed the front part together.

7. unfold your pieces so they are right sides up.

8. Take your trim and pin it to the front of the hat, with right sides facing.

-I kept my trip fairly long because I used it as the tassles on the hat in the end. There are so many ways you can finish the ends. ribbon, sweater seams, etc.

9. This is where I didn’t take enough pictures. So now, you have your trip sewed on. Take your hat, put it back to being right sides together and sew the other side of the hat.

10. Then, take some more trim and sew it onto the bottom back of the hat. Keep the back trim long as well, if you want to braid that up with the front trim for your long tassles, if you wish.

11. Then, if you would like, take some coordinating fabric or flowers, etc. and create a little flower on the top and stitch down with embroidery floss. 

12. There you have it. A cutie patootie pixie newborn hat.

In the image below, I’ve shown another hat that I created for a 3 month old babe!

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